Rethinking the distribution of wealth, opportunities, and privileges within a society by addressing people’s most pressing justice needs.

Short Description: In the way that justice is synonymous with fairness, justice can refer to a broad range of issues. Within this broad range of issues, the HiiL Justice Accelerator is focused on a particular aspect of justice: the legal element.

We have identified some of the biggest “pain points” felt in justice systems around the world.

  •      Employment Justice — innovations addressing employment disputes, business formalization, work conditions or job security
  •       Migration and Human Trafficking — innovations tackling injustices felt by migrants including rights enforcement, safe travel, and basic security needs
  •      Family Justice — innovations helping families solve disputes or injustices around, for example, divorce, birth, child rights

Employment Justice

There has been tremendous growth over the past several decades in non-standard work in both the formal and informal economies. “Temporary” work in many parts of the world has heightened workers’ concerns over employment security. These forms of employment also pose risks to not only job security, but work conditions and the handling of employment disputes. Justice solutions designed to address these concerns are essential to unlocking the economic potential of a population.

So we are looking for solutions to this. For example can you create a platform for dispute resolution that helps address problems in the workplace? Or can you think of a procedure or tool that can help employers and employees prevent workplace harassment or unsafe work conditions? Will you be able to help informal businesses provide fair work, or help bring them into the formal economy? Or can you make the supply chain more transparent?

Migration and Human Trafficking

Global migration is at an all-time high – 1 in 7 people in the world are migrants. Whilst migration brings opportunities for growth it also brings with it a wide range of justice needs for the migrants themselves, the countries they travel through and the countries they settle in.

So we are looking for solutions to this. For example, how do we enable a fair distribution of access to public goods or services between original residents and migrants, refugees or displaced persons? Or can you design an application that can build trust between strangers or enable reliable transactions engendering more collaboration? Can you protect trafficked (sex) workers from abuse? Read more here.

There is a lot of room for innovations in justice tackling issues regarding migration and human trafficking. Successful initiatives already include traffickcam, an app which allows users to upload photos of their hotel room in order to determine where the trafficking of sex workers is taking place; infoaid, an app for migrants that shares information regarding border controls and transport crossing times and refugermany, an app that assists with the integration of migrants and refugees in Germany.

Family Justice

From birth to death a family can experience a multitude of justice needs. Families struggle to register the birth of a child, the marriage to a new partner, or the death of a loved one making some of the most emotional times of a person’s life that more stressful. In many places around the world, such as Uganda, many families have little to no access to justice in solving some of these issues. Justice innovations can empower and strengthen both individuals and units within a family that struggle with these needs.

So we are looking for solutions to this. For example by creating a platform that creates and maintains a peaceful relationship between parents in child custody. Or by having a tool that can protect minors from domestic violence or child marriage. Or can you design an easier, more affordable and accessible procedure for registering births, marriages, divorce or deaths?


Sandra van der Pal

Justice Accelerator Outreach Agent, HiiL

Wilfried De Wever

Head of Justice Accelerator, HiiL


HiiL (The Hague Institute for Innovation of Law) forms a community of determined people who are passionate about social impact. We are dedicated justice change catalysts. We see ourselves as friendly rebels who have the courage, wisdom and creativity to help provide for the justice needs of people around the world. We have a strong action orientation and can be qualified as stubborn optimists. Data and evidence are important in all we do. Relationships building and teamwork allow us to provide effective solutions that are carried by all involved. HiiL is an equal opportunity, international employer; what matters to us is your dedication and ability to accomplish our mission.

Our approach focuses on introducing innovation to the justice system. We do that together with our funding partners, entrepreneurs, governments, lawyers and courts.

Our Justice Accelerator team runs Justice Innovation Challenges to help identify and select promising justice start-ups that contribute to systemic change. We help justice entrepreneurs validate, improve and scale up their initiatives with the partners most useful to them, and develop sustainable funding models. We connect the best projects and business models to funding opportunities.

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1 February 2018